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October 10, 2017



During the Art & Soul Festival in Dallas, Texas there was ALOT of talent on display!!! but what caught our eyes was this -----------------> 

We were starving but wanted something delightful but not too heavy before the show got started!! We saw alot of color, which caught our eyes, but what won us over was the taste!!! If you think "Sprinkles" makes the most moist cakes in are completely wrong!!! We had a wonderful cupcake mixed in with a sweet tequila "juice" to insert in the cupcake and I tell you it was one of THE BEST things EVER!!!!! We were in love!!! Below you will find out how did these: wonderful, sweet, appealing, beautiful delights come to life!!!












How did you get started being a professional baker?


It was an absolute accident. I threw together a cake for my daughter’s birthday and

 everyone loved it. So I gave one to my friends daughter as part of her birthday gift and , the friends family offered to pay me to make a cake for them. I had no clue what I was getting into.



What would you say makes your delights different from other bakers?


I think what sets me apart is my own personal style. You can definitely see “me” in my designs. The colors, my imagination, the clean cuts. Ultimately as Cake Artist, we all want our own lane, some of us achieve it very early on and some later on.I knew I was making a lane in my own when people started to recognize my work on other peoples social media , even when I wasn’t tagged.That is validating.


We see that you do all types of designs and parties!! Which cake design, would  you say, was the weirdest one of all?



There's this cake that I have coming up this weekend actually, that’s pretty gruesome and dark. When I saw the picture, I was like “what the hell? Is this a joke?” but then I was like Challenge accepted!


We see that you love to incorporate vibrant colors into your delights, why so?


I love color! Hence the green hair! I think that color adds to the art. I have invested a lot into colors and dusts to be able to provide detail and variation in all of my artwork.


We know baking is time consuming, how do you stay organized?Define organized?


Ha! I have OCD in real  life. It’s a must to be as organized as possible to decrease my stress level, but its also very challenging . I get in to my zone and I am only concerned about creating, not organizing. So to answer the question, I don’t “stay organized “lol. I clean up when im done and after a glass of wine!



What cake flavor is your specialty and why?


Hmmm… I think all of them. I only say all of them , because my goal when baking , is to make the flavor the best version of the flavor-that my customer has ever had. That even a flavor as simple as Vanilla, becomes an edible experience when I provide it.