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September 19, 2017



Have you ever seen a Lion Fly? Have you even seen one wear a crown? Well at the Art and

Soul Festival in Dallas, Texas we found Fly Liōn!!!! Fly Liōn instantly caught our eyes as we saw their signature "SAUCED" shirt! We had the chance to purchase the Sauced Ombre Tee  and let me tell you that it fits so well! Made us look more muscular and you can feel the quality/passion that is in every design!! We had the pleasure to interview Marcus Johnson, the owner and designer of Fly Liōn, and he gave us a lot of insight about his brand!



Tell us about your clothing line?



The name of my clothing line is Fly Liōn (pronounced “fly lii-own). My brand represents the characteristics of a Lion. It’s all about being courageous, driven, hungry and protective of


what’s yours. Being a beast of your destiny. It’s all about working hard while looking fly doing so.


Do you have a fashion education/background?


On the educational side, I have zero experience regarding fashion. However, fashion is in my background. One of my oldest sisters Afton has had a fashion line called Young Addy for about 10 plus years. My interest in dressing began to grow once I got to college. I would put an outfit together and take a pic to send to my sister. Whenever she approved it I knew I was good.


What was your motivation to get this off the ground?



My motivation to get to get my line off the ground was simply my hunger to be great. Once I first got the idea, It took me a year before I actually launched. In that year I did a ton of research, listened to podcasts, and listened to a lot of CEO’s and fashion designers. I wanted to make sure I was picking the perfect logo and that my representation of my brand made sense. I could have jumped right into it, but my decision to take my time has benefited me thus far within these 6 months of launching.


How has the line developed since it first launched?


Since launching in February 2017, my brand has developed very quickly. When I first started

my brand I did all my payments through PayPal. I would have customer direct message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat whenever they wanted to place an order. I would have to get their PayPal email from them to send them out an invoice. There was a ton of work I put in regarding solidifying a sale. Once I realized a lot of my time was going into that, I then developed my website. Customers now put their own information in and

 I get the notification to ship out their order. I started off just selling to my closest friends and family. I knew I had something special once people I didn’t know would purchase my merchandise. That development was/is very important to me.


What clothing brand inspires you the most?



The clothing brand that inspires me the most would have to be Gucci. Their brand inspires me the most because of their countless creativity along with how worldwide they are. Gucci has a certain respect when their name is mentioned. Any age, gender, race, or genre can wear their brand and that is what I am shooting for.


What have been your most successful designs? Why do you think that is?


My most successful designs have been my Sauced Liōn Tee and my Liōns Den Dad Hat.

These are considered my most successful designs because they’ve sold the most.



What successes has your brand achieved since the first launch?


Since first launching in February, I’ve already been a part of 3 pop-up shops. My greatest achievement was shipping out orders to the U.K. and Morocco. It’s crazy to think my product is already over the waters.



What is your vision/dream for

the brand?



My dream for my brand is to be one of the biggest brands in U.S. history. I want to have multiple stores in the U.S. Once I get to the point of turning that vision into reality, I may literally sit in shock and try to take it all in for a second. I want to get to a point financially where neither my family nor my parents have to stress about money ever again.



















Don't forget to checkout "1990"



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